Posted by All For Birds on 7th May 2020

Such little birds, but big personalities

You wouldn't understand if your not a bird person, but then again you wouldn't be here if you weren't a bird person. How each single bird no matter if they are the same species or not, have all different personalities, likes and dislikes, favourite toys or even favourite foods. The one thing they share in common is how they wipe their mouth after eating, such a simple thing I didn't know, or simply didn't think about until I got birds again as an adult. How they are so lovely that they will fly to you just to wipe their mouth on you or when they fly perfectly for the first time is to just steal a chip out of your hand.

This is Max, he doesn't like fingers but you can pat him. He is very protective of his tail and he loves whatever your eating. He is loud and sounds a bit like a laser game gun. For the first year and a half he couldn't fly because his wings were clipped, he would try, fall and give up. His little head would look up to me so I could pick him up and walk him around. I was his personal chauffeur.

But then with my other 2 lovebirds it's completely different, they love phones but Max hates them! They love to zip and fly everywhere but won't be in a room without you. One loves taking baths and the other stares at the water as if it doesn't know what to do. They love to sleep in completely different positions and they are game when your game.

(This is pirate sleeping like a weirdo on his spiral bead toy)

My whole point is when I could identify their personalities and what they liked and disliked everything became easier for me. I don't have to force them to do what they don't want to. Once I learnt about Max I am able to read him, his demeanour and when he is snippy. Once you get pass the snippy arrogant bird you are able to see the cute fluffy bird who puffs up and wants scratches as he loves it when you speak to him like a baby. Know your bird, it makes your life much easier! They are like toddlers, small sized but big personalities.